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All-Age Self-Defense

Women's Self-Defense Seminars

Women's Martial Arts Lombard Illinois

1. Reality of rape & mental tactics.
2. Prevent crime before it happens.
3. Common Sense Self-Defense.
4. The power of better choices.
5. Self-Defense Techniques


Ladies Self-Defense Parties
Looking for a fun, beneficial alternative to a traditional girls night out?
Want to do something that is different, that your friends have not done?
Could you and some of your friends use a little Self-Defense training?

Why not host your own Ladies Home Self-Defense Party?

2.5 hour workshop
We will keep the mood light, after all you are hosting a party!


Young Women Self-Defense PartyYoung Women Self-Defense Party
Have a daughter going off to college?
Do you want her to know how to protect herself and make good choices?

Host a self-defense party for your teenage daughter and her friends.
The choices they make can determine if they could become a victim.
Awareness and assertiveness
How to physically fight back.
2 hour workshop

Maximum of 15 participants for in-home/office parties.
We can hold the seminar at our facility if you have more participants.


Kids Safety Parties
Host a Self -Defense party with a stranger danger or personal safety theme.
For children between the ages of 5—12 years old.

We will teach them basic rules on how to stay safer when they are out and about.
So they will be smarter and you will have more peace of mind.
What to do if they get lost.
Not to go anywhere without parents permission.
What to say and do if approached by a adult for help.
Role plays to practice what to do if approached by a stranger.
When it is ok to tell an adult NO.

We offer a variety of Self-Defense parties, workshops, seminars, and private lessons.

We offer classes for everyone including adults, children, businesses and their employees, teenagers, or you can customize a class! Perhaps for your place of worship or ladies groups.

Hapkido is a easy-to-learn Korean martial art which utilizes kicks, punches, twists, arm locks, and pressure-point techniques to subdue an opponent.
Please call to schedule a party or seminar.

MasterPaarmannMaster Laura Paarmann

Hapkido 5th degree Black Belt.
Head Instructor, Chang’s Hapkido Academy.
Internationally known for Hapkido Seminars.
Conducting Women’s Self-Defense Seminars in the United States for the past 20 years.
Over 40 years of Hapkido training, under famous Grand Master Gedo Chang.