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BLOG - Grandmaster Gedo Chang


Exactly a year ago at the December rank test I introduced two beautiful stories. Today I would like to remind you of these two stories again. The 1st story was about LaGuardia’s unique verdict. LaGuardia was the 99th mayor of New York City, he was consecutively elected as Mayor 3 times between 1933 and 1945. However when LaGuardia was a New York district court judge before he became Mayor. One old man was on trial for stealing a loaf of bread. He confessed that “After three days of hunger, I totally lost my reason.” Upon this poor old man’s confession LaGuardia sentenced him to a $10.00 fine. Judge LaGuardia then said “I will pay this $10.00 fine on behalf of this poor old man, because I have been eating so much good food that I have become fat. Considering there are a lot of poor people that suffer from hunger. If you all agree with this point, please help this old man. He then passed his hat around the court room and collected $47.00. which was given to the old man. This happened in the 1930’s, $47.00 was a lot of money at that time! The second story was:

A few years ago an 11yr old boy donated $100.00 to charity along with a letter. The letter said: “I have eaten so much food that I have become fat, when I understand there are many poor people who suffer from hunger, I then feel guilty. Please help these poor people.

A western anthropologist, went to South Africa and he gathered children together. He experimented with the children. He put a wonderful fruit basket about 100 feet away, the basket was full with various wonderful delicious fruits. He then said to the children, “1st come , 1st served. You can run to the basket as fast as you can and grab as much as you can! However, something very special happened, which made the anthropologist amazed!! None of the children ran to the baskets, instead they all went hand in hand together, and they walked together to the basket. They equally divided the fruit among them. So the dismayed Anthropologist asked why they did not run to get more! The children said to him “Ubuntu”. Ubuntu is the word mainly from the Southern and Western side of Africa. Ubuntu is Bantu language meaning “I am existing because you are existing” Which is an expression of community and bonding that love your neighbor as you love yourself.

In one South African maxim, if you walk alone you can momentarily walk fast, however if you walk together you can walk longer and further.

Ladies and Gentleman,

Let’s not walk alone, Let’s walk together.

Thank you,

Grand Master Gedo Chang


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