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Let’s Make the Two Into One

BLOG - Grandmaster Gedo Chang


Today I would like to introduce 31 statements you should not say to others, particularly to your children, according to experts in language and behavior.

Earlier this year, I believe in April, I introduced a beautiful story about Judge LaGuardia.

LaGuardia was a district court judge before becoming the 99th mayor of New York City.

One day, a poor woman was called to trial for stealing a loaf of bread. The old woman said, “I have been starving for 3 days and have lost all reason.” Judge LaGuardia said, “I've got to punish you. The law makes no exceptions. Ten dollars or ten days in jail."

However, LaGuardia reached into his own pocket pulled out a ten dollar bill.

He said, “I am paying this fine…the reason is because I have eaten so much good food, that I have become fat, while there are many people going hungry. I am paying my own penalty.”

He continued, “Ladies and Gentlemen, if you also agree with this, please feel free to put some money into this hat.”

The hat was passed around the courtroom and collected 47 dollars. The money was given to the woman. 47 dollars in the 1930’s was not a small amount of money.

Judge LaGuardia’s very unique, wise, and wonderful verdict became well known throughout the city. Shortly thereafter, he was elected as the mayor of New York.

Crime is not only committing bad deeds!

Crime is also avoiding and ignoring things when you can, and should, step in to help.

In the Gospel of Thomas, Pharisees questioned Jesus, “When will the Kingdom of Heaven come?” Jesus answered, “When you make the two into one, it will come.”

Love your neighbors like you love yourself.

Buddha also taught us that existence is due to you your existence, my existence, the existence of others, the air, the water, the sun…so on and so forth. Thus we can not help but to love everything.

According to the Koran, If you hurt one person, you hurt mankind…but if you save one person, you save the whole world.

I’d like to conclude with a quote from Ashley Montagu, a famous anthropologist. “Without interdependence, no living groups of organisms could ever survive.”

I believe in all of you. You are all very confident people. He who has confidence always understands, forgives, and loves.

The New Year is approaching. Let us all be one.

Happy Holidays.
Master Gedo Chang

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